Audio Broadcast Solution.

All you need.

Download CAST receiver for mobile devices and CAST Transmitter for Desktop.

Get your Transmitter licence at Listeners can use the app for free!

Join the same local, [LINEAPP ready WiFi network.

Start CAST Transmitter and the listener app.

How CAST works

CAST Desktop Transmitter Software

CAST Transmitter Software is available for Windows and Mac OS computers. After installing the software, transmitter (Windows or Mac computer) has to be located in the same network (WiFi or cabled) as all receivers.

You can even run multiple CAST transmitters in the same network which gives every users the individual choice of which stream they want to listen to, by just one click.

CAST Receiver App

CAST Receiver App is available for free in the iOS and Android App Stores. All Users have to join the same WiFi network as the transmitter. As soon as CAST app is started, users will see all available streams which can be individually chosen by just one click.

LINEAPP CAST is the ideal solution for congresses, live translations, broadcasting services and accessibility solutions for hearing impaired people.

CAST Benefits


Streaming, without additional infrastructure - all you need is WiFi, Windows or Mac desktop to transmit and mobile devices to receive, that's it!


Bring your own device. CAST transmitter software works on MAC OS and Windows desktops and CAST receiver app on iOS and Android devices.


Enjoy crystal-clear sound in hifi quality with your own, private earphones. No more rental devices.


CAST can be used in many ways. Spreading out audio into big areas - multiple streams in different languages can be chosen by just one click.

Fields of Application

Bring your own device & use your existing WiFi network.


Offline audio streaming at events. Save time and money, use your inhouse WiFi.


Specific communication from room to room via mobile devices and desktops. No annoying loudspeaker announcements anymore.


Our technology turns your PC into a radio station and allows mobile devices to receive the audio stream offline.


No signal at your warehouse? No problem - our technology enables offline communication for easy coordination and fast operations.


Parallel streams of speeches and keynotes - multiple streams in different languages. Just like a wireless translation system.


Walkie-Talkies cover whole channels - not everyone has to listen in! Communicate from cash desk to dressing room and storage, by just one click.


Desktop Transmitter Software


SPECIAL PROMOTION instead of € 399.- per year and stream!

Receiver app for iOS and Android


listeners can enjoy the stream for free.